Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project Eye Puffiness: What We Need To Know About It

Hello there! I am a simple housewife who spends most of her time writing and researching topics related to eye puffiness and under eye bags. Maybe you are thinking, why did I choose these topics since there are lots of more interesting topics out there? Well the answer is simple, its common and I think many people will surely benefit from it.

Do you know that more and more people are asking about under eye puffiness? Besides dark circles, eye puffiness is one of the common under eye issues that many people complain of. So what causes under eye puffiness? What are the best treatments to this issue? This is what we need to find out. This is the reason why my blog site is here; to answer all your questions about these unwanted skin issues below the eyes.

Eye puffiness is the swelling of tissue around the eyes or it is also due to fluid retention below the eyes. The common reasons why these happens is due to allergies, sleep deprivation or oversleeping, poor diet, aging, sinus problems, crying, skin disorders and excessive drinking and smoking. Though this condition is a temporary cosmetic one, many people worry on the look of it that makes them look old, dull and tired.

Now that you know what causes it, let us know its treatments or remedies. One of the best remedies to this is a lifestyle change. Try to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, quit smoking and stop drinking. It is best to eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Aside from that, putting cold compress on top of affected area is also a good remedy. By doing this, it constricts the blood vessels then prevents the flow of fluid into the tissues. Putting also cucumber or potato slices on top of every eye can help relieve puffiness.

Another effective remedy is changing your sleeping position. Elevating your head can prevent gravitational redistribution of fluid that results to eye swelling. So make sure to find a good pillow and position your head properly to prevent the swelling.

Finding a good concealer can also help in hiding eye puffiness. Make sure to pick a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin color. Put small dots around your eyes the spread it evenly to make it seem natural.

So there it is; these are just some of the facts about under eye puffiness that you should know. Visit my site regularly for I will keep on posting articles related to under eye puffiness and under eye bags. I assure you that all your queries about these under eye issues will be answered. Happy reading!

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